Your Own Learning Journal

Reflection is, arguably, the most important part of the learning journey. It represents a time to individually or, as a group, identify elements of a learning journey that were unexpected and meaningful. Meaning that empowers our journey forward.

In this process of bringing these new discoveries to light, we are given an opportunity to link them together into a new understanding that changes, in differing degrees, our understanding of how the world works.

By so doing, our schema, a concept from the Cognitive Theory of Piaget , is expanded.

The act of writing a Learning Journal as at the core part of our Learning Journey. In this process of writing, we are able to define new ideas and concepts that incorporate our recent discoveries.

These ideas have meaning - pieces of wisdom. By linking these containers of meaning together we can begin to understand more complex meaning. This process is deeply organic and begins to shape higher levels of meaning, what we could call meta meaning.

We reflect to learn. We wiki to reflect. This process is at the core of Learning Cycles.

Wiki, this funny word that has recently entered the English language, is both a noun and a verb. As a noun in means "a web-based software application in which a community can co-author web pages". But we are using it primarily as a verb, by which we mean "to quickly define and share meaning".

So let's start, How Do You Wiki?

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