Whole Mind

For many years we thought of the brain having two parts, the left brain and the right brain. The left brain was thought to be our analytical brain, the right brain being our creative brain.

The only problem is that this model is wrong.

When neuroscientists could begin to explore the brain activity using something called functional MRI (fMRI) , they began to recognized a more complex dynamic was going on.

Brain Networks

They identified the parts of our brain that were lit up by different networks. One network is called our Default Network - our primal network that has been key to our survival in the wild. Then there is the Executive Network , that has been developed to allow us to think analytically. But then then found another network, called the Salience Network , that is activated to find meaning in things that are contrasting.

The more fully we activate all three of these networks, the more powerful our ability to solve complex problems.