When Man Became God

It finally hit me: the great fallacy of Cartesian rationality.

By creating the body/mind dualism, Descartes raised rational man up to be the supreme source of understanding. A single source of understanding.

He embedded God at the center of the brain, a privileged transmission through the pineal gland. A God that was manifested solely through man.

This dualism birthed the Age of Enlightenment - the Age of Reason - and ultimately the models of scientific management that created the industrial age. Along the way, Descartes' image of God was left behind, allowing, for many, the intelligence of rational man to reign supreme.

In this age that was created, our intellects were seen as the primary source of truth. This truth was used to justify the creation of new social and organizational systems of control that centralized power in hierarchical structures. Structures of top-down authority.

Subordinates within those structures were manipulated and managed through individual and communal particulation. that used fear and shame to brake the fundamental unity of body, mind and spirit that defines the essence of our human experience. And to brake individuals from each other.

Our first step, then, on this next chapter of our evolutionary journey, is to help ourselves and those around us, become whole once again.

Here is what I wrote Jami yesterday after watching a video that junior high students put together to honor her and her impact on the Dayton community:

>Love makes us whole. That is what I learned by watching your video last night. Your love has allowed others to be made whole. A wholeness that empowers them to find their truth, find their voice, find their path. > Love is more than that which heals us. It brings us into our sacred wholeness, uniting our body, mind and spirit. That is your gift. That is your power. Keep loving. Keep inspiring.

It is this truth that makes us whole and give us purpose. Understanding it allows us to unleash our Creative Genius and that of others. We become graceful Holons in the beautifully organic pattern language of the universe.

Where there is no single point of understanding or power. But a magical web of emerging possibility that is beyond our comprehension.