Transmutational Experiences

A transmutational experience is one where something deep inside of us changes based on an experience that we have had.

Externally, our form has not changed. We are still the same person, wearing the some clothes. But, in this shift, we begin to see the world in a different way. We are profoundly changed.

Due to this experience that has touched our deepest recesses, we begin to behave differently. By externally manifesting these changes, they become transformational in nature.

Innovate Oregon's Make-a-Thons, are designed to create a transmutational experience for its participants. While we can use the vocabulary of agile to explain what this new learning experience is like, Agile Learning will not be understood until it is experienced.

But once this accelerated co-learning is experienced by students, teachers and administrators, it cannot be unseen, it cannot be unfelt. For many of the adults, it is the first time that they recognize that students can learn faster than they can be taught. That joy empowers curiosity and creates Deeper Learning.

Many leave the experience subtly but profoundly changed, emboldened with a commitment to begin to walk a path of cultural transformation - one commissioned to convert their structured teaching institutions into dynamic learning organizations.