Thoughts about an Archisphere

Michael Mehaffy has been a long-time collaborator with Ward. He is a theorists about architectural space, a bit like Vincent Scully. He has delved deeply into the meaning of the work of Jane Jacobs and Chris Alexander to redefine how we think about urban space.

Ward mentioned him to me the other day, in relationship to some discussions he has been having with him about Smart Cities. This gave me an excuse to wander through some videos of talks that he has given.

As I was listening, I began to wonder if the three-tiered evolutionary model that Teilhard de Chardin had proposed, one comprised of a geosphere, biosphere and noosphere might need to be adjusted with the inclusion of a "archisphere" as a fourth dimension, that is, our built space.

This sphere would be a physical manifestation of our human spirit that linked between the biosphere and the noosphere.

Just pondering...