Thompson's Journal

Here are my journal entries that is my Learning Journal in this process of re-imagining education.

This is where I am going to start documenting ideas and thoughts that I am having.

I am using this journal as an experiment. I want to better understand how a Learning Journal might have application to document and share a student's journey of discovery.

In the first month, I began by making a commitment to myself to write something, anything, each day. Some days, I recognized, I would have limited time and my journal entry may simply be some cryptic notes. On other days, full thoughts will be flushed out.

I started learning the practice of journaling with this wiki at the end of each day's journey - not so much of the external journey, but the internal one. Each day brings new insight. By capturing key pieces of that insight, I hoped to find ideas worth sharing, and perhaps over time, patterns the held the potential of guiding.

Once I got the hang of it, I began to frame my reflections around ideas, as this structure is more in line with the intention of this wiki engine. Then, as the next phase, began to link these pages together, forming, in a sense, a personal pattern language of meaning.

At the core of this wiki is the concept of insights as "objects" that get connected as pages with hyperlinks. Further each paragraph on a page, a concept, is a moveable object within and between pages.

Ward developed this writing environment to mirror the experience of programming in Smalltalk that was at the heart of the agile experience.

This journal, may appear fragmented and haphazard. But that is the way my mind works. I have to love it, 'cause it's the only one I have :-)

May 2018

17 May 2018: Meeting with Jami

18 May 2018: Meeting with Tim & Kurt from Willamina

19 May 2018: Reflections on my meeting with Ward

20 May 2018: Walled Garden and other partial thoughts

21 May 2018: Exploring the word "wiki"

22 May 2018: More on "wiki"

23 May 2018: Culture change at Willamina

24 May 2018 Further thoughts on the Walled Garden

25 May 2018 Fragments

27 May 2018 Walled Gardens & Galton

28 May 2018 More on Galton

29 May 2018 Wellspring, Intelligence & the Efficiency Movement

30 May 2018 Learning Framework

31 May 2018 Work Journal

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