Thompson Morrison

I have worn many hats.

My last day job was as the Director of Corporate Development for OnlineNW , an internet service provider based in McMinnville, OR. I manage, among other things, the strategic initiatives that drive innovation in our organization. As a company, we strive to Live the Practice of being agile.

For the last five years I have also been leading Innovate Oregon as its Chief Evangelist. In this role I have been introducing to educators the mindsets and skillsets of Agile to help them in their journey to re-imagine education.

For fifteen years before that, I ran a software company. Before that I ran a consulting company in Singapore.

I launched that consulting company after being the AP Consulting Directors for both Dataquest and IDC. Before those gigs, I was was the Director of the Technology Practice for Invetec/Coopers&Lybrand in Taiwan.

It was my time being an consultant in Asia that I learned the reality of the global competitive challenge. I moved to Asia in 1986. In the next twelve years I saw the the Asian economies being completely transformed, challenging the leadership of companies in market after market.

It was during my time running Fuse Insight, my software company, that I was first exposed to Agile. My development team used XP, one of the original Agile frameworks. They continually delivered software solutions faster than I could every hope. As I guided their work, I slowly learned why.

My Learning Journal can be found here: Thompson's Journal