The Nature of Time

Ward recently wrote an intriguing page Time as Emergent Property that included a lector given by Physicist Carlo Rovelli last year.

In this video, Rovelli explains that modern physics challenges us to reimagine our very understanding of time as fixed, or actually existing at all, outside of our own consciousness.

A rather thought provoking premise.

Our perception of time, perhaps, may be directly tied to the process by which our consciousness is struggling to create meaning out of our experiences. That is, to construct our Meaning Matrix.

Perhaps this may be why our perception of time changes when we travel. If we are going on a journey in which we will be returning the same way, the outward journey always seems to feel much longer than the return. Maybe that is because on the outward journey, our consciousness is busily trying to make sense of the path, while on the return, the path is known.

Just wondering...