The Nature of Joy

I was watching Brené Brown's recent Netflix special the other night. In it, she talks, as she has before, about joy as our most vulnerable emotion.

We know it when we feel it. It gives us life. Perhaps it is our most vulnerable emotion as there is no ego in joy. We are, for a moment, our most unprotected self. As unprotected as a newborn entering the world.

So I have often pondered. What is this thing called Joy?

These words came to me this morning:

>Joy happens at that moment when our truth becomes connected to our spirit and the universe mysteriously flows through us.

Our truth is our center point, our zero point energy, the center of our being. That which holds our core values and knows that we are loved, whole, and good. From that place our spirit reaches out to that which we are to become, that which gives our life meaning and defines our sacred path.

Reaching out to the audacious aspiration that our unique experience, as conscious beings, has a meaning greater than ourselves.

In these brief moments of profound connection, some mysterious energy flows through us. Joy.