The Nature of Elegance

Software developers talk about code "elegance".

The sense of elegance is hardly limited to software - it is around us in our physical world as well.

But what is this "elegance", particularly within the context of Pattern Languages?

What if there was a direct relationship between the two?

What if:

**Elegance is the pattern revealed**

For many years I worked as a consultant in Asia and was asked to makes sense of very complex market dynamics. Like understanding the industrial oil market in Taiwan, a project I did for BP .

At first, it all felt like a chaotic mess. But I would keep challenging my team to learn more deeply about each piece of the puzzle. Many times this process would take several months.

But then, all of sudden, a pattern of relationship would suddenly be revealed. It was like the lights were turned on and I could, for the first time, see how each of the pieces related to each other. The pattern was revealed.

They were moments of revelation.

And the patterns had elegance - defined by meaning that I could now communicate to others.

They had QWAN