The Kernel

I think that what Jenni is shaping with her new Agile Learning framework has the potential for being the experience kernel of education's new operating system, what we might boldly call the The Dayton Practice.

This framework uses short, tight Learning Cycles that create challenges that provide a clear purpose for the learning. These challenges launch a process that has three key components: * Research * Creation * Sharing

In this model, the learning process challenges students to find connections between two topics, to synthesize meaning from those connections, and then to communicate that meaning to others. One of these topics is assigned, the other randomly selected.

Initially she was working with 2.5 week sprints, her classes, now that the students are familiar with the process, are using 1.5 week sprints. These tighter sprint cycles is helping her keep the students more focused and engaged.

_Jaden, one of Jenni's students, recently introduced to the other students the FedWiki as the platform to support this process. Several of his classmates are now beginning to experiment with it. _