The Dayton Experiment: Index

Here are the pages that I am writing that will eventually be linked together to form a book, _The Dayton Experiment_

The book will ultimately have three forms, as a printed book, an e-book and a wiki-based Hyperbook. To write it, I am starting with the wiki, but crafting it with the other two platforms in mind.

The first draft of this book is written but has not gone through an editing process. What you have before you is very much a humble expression of Wabi-sabi.

There will be a primary index, one that holds the main story arc of the book. I will then follow that with a secondary index that will contain pages that more deeply explore concepts that were introduced in the story for those who are curious and want to dig deeper.

_A note on the title. It is a hat tip to the groundbreaking work of Christopher Alexander. It was in his book, The Oregon Experiment, where his theories of pattern languages came to life. These theories inspired creative expression far beyond urban design and their impact on our world, while perhaps not fully recognized, have been profound._

**Primary Index**