Spirit Matters

In his book, _Spirit Matters_, Michael Lerner challenges us to re-examine the role that spirit - the mystery which lies beyond the material world - plays in giving our lives meaning and purpose.

We must first start by acknowledging the mystery. Astrophysicists do.

Today, we reasonably understand the key elements of our material world down to the Higgs boson, a material world referred to by scientists as baryonic matter:

>Nearly all matter that may be encountered or experienced in everyday life is baryonic matter, which includes atoms of any sort, and provides them with the property of mass. > wikipedia >

Our consciousnesses is shaped by our experiences in this material world - information received through our five senses. That is, experiences based on our interactions with baryonic matter.

There is only one problem - it is estimated that this matter makes up less than 5% of the universe. The rest is a mystery. Dark to us - dark energy, dark matter, or maybe something called dark fluid - a mysterious, expansive anti-gravity that is responsible for the continuing expansion of the universe.

_The domain that defines our consciousness - our pattern language of meaning - is actually smaller, as less than 10% of matter is locked up into galaxies. So what we know to be true, that which we can see, feel and hear, is derived from less than half a percent of the mass/energy of the universe._ source

We must acknowledge the current boundaries of our understanding. Without that, we cannot shed our arrogance and become truly curious about the mysteries of the Human Spirit.