Spatial Trialectics

Joint Cognitive Whiteboard explores the challenge of creating when a mental map is missing.

A shared spatial model.

We suspect that this need for a shared spatial model is essential to release creative potential, in what is described by Soya, as a "third space".

An Ideatone where the mind map of one intersects with the mind map of another to create a new imagined mind map, on a third plane. A Blue Plane.

The mind maps resting on the two originating intersecting planes are not negated, but are now augmented by a deeper understanding - with creative tension - as ideas on an imaginary shared third plane are formed. An experience which reveals new possibility and new relationship. An experience that Soya calls "spatial trialectics".

Third space moments that might help us build resilient autopoietic systems at times of Tempo Interruptions. An understanding that may also help inform Changing Retrospective Culture.