Sacral Intention

I have been exploring the concept of sacral intention. Sacral - from our gut. Sacral, from the root of our backbone. Sacral, that which is sacred.

The Greeks talks about the sacred bone. The sacrum. That bone on which our backbone is built. That one the stabilizes us. Makes us strong. Allows us to walk upright.

The Hindus talk about the sacral chakra. That chakra called Svadhishthana, meaning ""where your being is established."

The Taoists call this area the lower dantian, the caldren that transforms essence, jing, into qi, the life breath of our vitality.

This chakra is associated with what the Jewish mystics, Kabbalists, call the "Yesod" in their model of the energy dimensions of Ein Sof, the essence of God.

The place of creation. The place where we manifest ourselves in this human experience. That place from which we define our strength and creative potential. That place from which we define our intention, a sacral intention, our sacred intention.