Reflections - an exploration

Ward and I are going try to lead a series of reflection meetings with participants in the pilot of the Agile Partnership program

We are going to start with Jami and Carrie. We are going to set up 30 minute interviews, capturing notes in real-time on a shared Google Doc. If folks are comfortable, we will also record this session for later review and sharing.

We will initially try this framework:

Tell the Story

Find the Insights

Investigate the Learning

We will spend a few quickly summarizing their experience. From there, we will encourage them to identify three insights from that experience. Then, using a Five Whys methodology, we will investigate the learning behind those insights.

We will then summarize the these findings in the wiki. From there, we will do a "meta" reflection in order to identify any patterns that may be valuable for others. We will then write up those patterns.