Recursive Iteration

There is Recursion. There is Iteration. They are different. One calls back and repeats its own process upon itself, the other calls out, and repeats a set of instruction beyond itself.

But what, then, might be meant by recursive iteration? That which is both reflective and projecting? This process would create a dynamic tension, perhaps not unlike the tension of yin and the yang.

This fluid tension, perhaps, may be a key to help us understand the nature of creative tension - that tension that happens in Ecotones. That tensions that happens in Koestler's bisociated planes of matrices of thought - that create a Meaning Matrix.

Further pondering: might this dynamic be at the root of agile's Learning Cycles? Perhaps that cycle might be recasted at a deeper level as a process of defining an intention, then casting out and reflecting in.

Perhaps we might better call this a creative process of Iterative Recursion.

_Interesting to note that there is one quantum theory that hypothesizes that, in zero point energy is comprised of a dynamic tension of boson and fermion fields, one positive, one negative, that almost balance each other out. All but the energy that accounts for the expansion of the universe. _