Radical Premise of Worth

We rank worth. Worth of each other. Not intentionally, but implicit of how we think of each other. This ranking underpins social order.

At least, the social order that we assume as truth, based on our experience of living within it. The water in which the fish swims.

We look at the homeless and assume worth. We look at the rich and famous and assume worth. We assume that some are more worthy than others as we seek define our own sense of worth within this spectrum.

But when we walk a path committed to Unleashing Creative Genius, we realize that we must confront these preconceptions of worth. And it is difficult.

We must empty ourselves so that we may see the worth of others in their own unique glory, without a superimposed context. Without judgement.

It is here that we listen, deeply, to their words, looking into their eyes for glimpses of the spirit that inspires them. We seek to feel that spirit upon which their genius flows.

For then, and only then, can we begin to really understand their gift. That gift that illuminates a unique sacral worth.

A truth that helps open the doors to a Monadic Mind.

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