Problems Never End

Each morning I meet with the operation teams for my company. These are fashioned after stand-ups that are used in Scrum.

In these short meetings, we talk about what happened the day before, what are the plans for the day ahead and identify and issues or concerns that might create challenges.

By having these conversation, new ideas around improving our processes inveriable emerge. My job, as a manager, is to validate those ideas and to help them quickly be implemented - striving to achieve the Speed of Now.

What I have come to recognize that no sooner have you addressed one problem, often another one is created. At least that is what happened today.

Last year we were struggling with managing the amount of service calls. They are expensive, as many of the residents with our wireless services live in remote rural locations.

So, last year, we implemented a new concept of training our field techs built around the Agile experience. We call this process Agile Training.

Our service calls have now dropped down to half the number from a year ago.

Which has created a new problem. Yesterday, when we were doing our stand-up, we found that the dispatch schedule was so light that we were struggle to figure out what to do with the techs. If this pattern continues, this raises a long-term issue about how these techs will be used in the future.

After training them well, we hardly want the reward to be that we begin firing people. But what else could they do?

Another problem to solve.