Point of Singularity

The premise of the Cartesian Mindset was that there is a point of singularity. That is, a place of ultimate understanding and ultimate authority. A truth that is universal.

What the Age of Enlightenment posited was that this ultimate truth could be know by man who was now freed from the religious belief systems of the church that had, until then, been the holder of that truth.

But recent discoveries in quantum physics challenges that premise. As we dive into the mysteries of zero point energy, where fields of matter dance with fields of force, where nothing and everything can exist, where is the firm ground of knowing?

Where is the point of singularity?

And as matter forms form from sub-atomic particles into increasing complex holarchic structures, how does each holon know more than that which makes it whole and, perhaps, a glimpse of the whole it is a part of? But what is beyond that?

When all understanding is contextual, where, then, is the point of singularity? Perhaps the truth lies within us.