Patterns of Meaning

We continue to ponder how meaning manifests. We suspect that meaning manifests from the observation of emergent patterns of behavior.

We process observations with our senses. From them, we collect elements of insight. We allow these insights to co-mingle with each other within the space of our imagination.

And then, in a magical moment, a pattern emerges of these insights that gives these observations meaning.

We are meaning makers. This capacity is what sets us apart from all other beings.

We now strive to learn how to learn better by becoming better at observing. We ask ourselves, how might we quickly illuminate new patterns of behavior in complex systems?

We then strive to become better at defining the insights from our observations. To each we give a name and seek to clearly articulate its essence.

We then sit with these insights in a "third space" which we now call by different names. An Ideaspace, or perhaps, better, an Ideatone, names that seek to define this sense of spacial relationship that holds creative tension, creative potential. A space where these ideas can fuse together into a new pattern of meaning. A Trialectical Synthesis.

Once fused into a pattern of one, we seek to explain this meaning to others in its most elegant form. We strive for three, a Prime Pattern, in these explanations for, as human beings, it is by three that our consciousness is best equiped to observe complexity and illuminate meaning from it.

Perhaps the specialness of three is because space, for us, is perceived in three dimensions. And it is from this observable space that our consciousness has been trained to be a meaning maker.

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