Paradigm of Abundance

It always struck me how my professional world in the creative economy was so fundamentally different from the world that most educators live in.

One of the starkest differences was that, in this new economy, there a sense of abundance of opportunity, due, in large part, to the continued introduction of new technologies. These technologies have allowed people to create new solutions faster than ever before.

Most educators, on the other hand, seemed to live in a world with ever decreasing resources, a world defined by scarcity.

We have, then, two distinct paradigms: A Paradigm of Scarcity and a Paradigm of Abundance.

Part of my experiment in Dayton's school district was to explore if we could help them move from one paradigm to the other. And, if we did, what might be the impact.

And it worked. Sure, they still have all of the financial pressures of working within an underfunded educational system.

But when Jami, their principal, moved into a this new mindset, she helped unleashed an abundance of opportunity for her, her staff, and her students.

Partnerships started being formed all over the place. Equipment started showing up at their door that was being gifted. New funding opportunities appeared.

At times, the abundance has felt a little overwhelming. But far better than the scarcity of before.

What's going on here?