Noosphere and trees

I read an interesting article the other day about trees that explored the interconnected network that binds them together. A secret language.

>Trees exchange chemicals with fungus, and send seeds—essentially information packets—with wind, birds, bats, and other visitors for delivery around the world. Simard specializes in the underground relationships of trees. Her research shows that below the earth are vast networks of roots working with fungi to move water, carbon, and nutrients among trees of all species. These complex, symbiotic networks mimic human neural and social networks. They even have mother trees at various centers, managing information flow, and the interconnectedness helps a slew of live things fight disease and survive together.

This got me to further ponder the nature of a noosphere's network and the role of "mother trees". I was also wondering if there might be three levels in the emerging noosphere, two that have already been largely realized, the third, yet to come. That is, the levels of information, knowledge and wisdom. The role of mother trees would be most critical in the third level.