In order to fully engage students as authors of their own learning journey, there must not only be purpose, a reason for the learning, but also motivation. That emotion which ignites action.

Learning is difficult without motivation. In the past, fear has often been used the prime motivator. Fear of failure, fear of shame.

But Jenni is finding that in this new Agile Learning paradigm, students have being inspired by a different set of motivators. She has identified three primary types: * Curiosity * Creativity * Competition

Some students are motivated to find their purpose by their **innate curiosity** about a topic.

Other students are motivated by their **desire to create** something.

And other students are motivated by a **sense of competition**.

Students who are motived by curiosity, tend to enjoy the Rabbit Hole Research part of the learning sprint.

Those students who are motivated by their desire to make something, tend to enjoy most The Creation phase of the process.

And those who are motivated by the competition tend enjoy the In & Out Demo, particularly the voting that happens for the best presentation, the Da Vinci Award.

She has found that while students tend to enjoy one phase more than the others, they are willing to do all three as they realize that by doing the other two, they can have the opportunity to do that phase they most enjoy.

Interestingly, she is finding that those students who tend to struggle in traditional classrooms, are often most inspired to learn by the creativity phase. They will, for instance, be willing to research, synthesize, write and ultimately share their learning with others if that allows them get out to the shop and weld.