Meaning Theory

Perhaps Campbell did not set out to define to create a meaning theory. But, in a very real sense, that is what he did. He sought to find the story structures that defined how we, as humans, create meaning. He called these structures monomyths. The most famous one is called the Hero's Journey.

As I sought to understand the Essence of Agile to find the insights that might help reimagine education, I had to dive deep into the agile experience. As I did so, I began to appreciate more fully that, when it really works, an agile team's journey is much like a Hero's Journey.

_A clearly defined purpose, embarking on an adventure, the forest of confusion, the isolation of the abyss, the critical insight, the return with the gifting of a solution back to others._

It is critical that we remember that agile is, at its core, not a production process, but a learning journey.

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