May 31, 2018

Thought through how to create a set of Decision Documents and asked Eric to flush out one for the wireless installs.

Worked through problems that we are had with the HomeNet webform being protected

Discussed with Lincoln the approach for Willamina Valley. He has made some initial calls but unclear what the service we should be selling given that our standard packages are not very competitive against the DSL. Not sure if we should be adjusting this. Perhaps this might be an opportunity to roll out an EN offering if we can pull it together fast enough.

Talked with Eric about Kason turning down the internship offer. Plan B: We will reach back out to MEDP to see if there might be some other potential candidates for us.

Reviewed the installer check-in board and created a new version , calling it a Kaizen Board. Used "Identification" rather than "Backlog" as the first list.

Came up with the idea of defining frameworks for the primary types of boards that we are using:

Next step is to meet with Eric and morph current installer board into a Kaizen one - cleaning up a lot of the garbage that is floating around on it. Meet setup for 9:30 tomorrow.

Tried to set Marivel up to do the call-backs to customers who had called GTC over the last 7 days but ran into problem. Download from their portal is only in XLS or XML. Neither convert into Sheets (which needs XLSX or CSV). Asked Serina to help as she has Excel. Need to address this issue with GTC.

Cleaned up the call list and added three new fields. Then developed call script with three questions. Considered creating a Google Form to capture data, but decided to keep this process as simple as possible. Only real data point we are looking for is "Perception" and used a 5 pt scale for that. Rest is capturing qual and adding them to "Notes".

Met with Mic to discuss North Valley pilot campaign. Agreed that in the 2-3 sprint cycle I will create the initial draft of the campaign that can be reviewed with Eric and Mic. In this sprint cycle he will put together a prototype design that highlights quotes. We discussed using Vista Print for printing and mailing. For small mailings (>50) cost is about $1 each. For larger (>1000) cost drops down to about $.50 each. We are looking to have both the new offering and campaign elements locked down in 2-3 then develop the service page in 2-4. We are planning on trying to launch the first pilot mailing before the end of 2-4.

Closed the day with the check-ins for the construction and installer teams.