Learning Journal

Reflection is at the core of the learning experience. We use these wiki's to reflect on our learning and capture insights.

These insights are the thread that, when woven together into a pattern, help us understanding meaning - meaning that is important for us and for others.

Reflection is one of the three legs of Agile. More than anything else, Agile is a learning mindset where we, with purpose, define, do and decipher.

That is, we define what we are going to do, we do it, then we go through a process of reflection where we decipher what we learned. And then begin again.

As we go through these Learning Cycles, it is important for us to capture our insights, for, as we do, we begin to see patterns.

These patterns can help others to help in their learning journeys.

Here is my journal: Thompson's Journal.

Learn how you can start Your Own Learning Journal.