Learn Faster

How fast we learn is critical for success. The faster we learn, the fast we can grow.

We learn fastest in short, iterative Learning Cycles. Each cycle has three parts, planning, doing, reflecting.

We start any learning journey with a set of assumptions, many of which are not even recognized. Once we embark on this journey, implementing a plan, we inevitably stumble upon parts that fail.

By reflecting on these failures, we are able to define our incorrect assumptions and define new ones that are, potentially, more accurate. By doing so, we iterate toward a solution.

Each time that one goes through one of these cycles, we learn not only what worked, but, more importantly, what didn't work. We assimilate this learning in a way that expands our understanding of the world - our Schema.

If students are responsible for their learning and go fast Learning Cycles, they are able to learn faster and deeper than if they are learning by being being taught, in linear fashion, by someone else.

Hard to believe, but it is true. But the truth is only known once it is experience. Once it is seen, it can't be unseen. A Make-a-thon is a great way to experience this learning speed.