The concept of Kanban was develop a scheduling method to support lean and Just-in-Time manufacturing.

The use of Kanban boards is a tool that is used by some software developers utilizing Agile methodologies.

The idea is simple. It starts by creating four lists: - Backlog - To Do - Doing - Done

**Backlog.** Put tasks that need to be done in the "Backlog". Software developers often call these "user stories" to better define the task. **To Do.** Move the task cards to the To Do that the team strives to accomplish in the next sprint cycle, typically 1-2 weeks. **Doing.** As soon as the team begins working on the task, the card gets moved into the "Doing" list. **Done.** Once the task is completed, card is moved to "Done" list.

Kanban boards can be simply placed on a wall, or teams can use software tools, such as Trello .