June 1, 2018

Met with Kurt - discussed next steps for Innovate at Willamina School and the community. They are building this into their "Effective Learning" plan that ODE is working with them to put together. Next step is the ODE meeting on the 6th. Tim, Kurt and I will meet on the 7th to discuss how that meeting went.

Discussed with Kurt the challenge for the Design Thinking challenge on the 26 and 28th. He will introduce DT on the 26th then conduct a challenge on the 28th. We are thinking he might do a similar challenge that was used with the teachers during their Breaker training - re-imagining the shopping experience.

Met with Keith to discuss next steps for Innovate Oregon. He and Skip are moving ahead with their commitment to bring in a fundraiser. Restructuring the Foundation as a true 501(c)(3) proceeding.

Met with Eleanor re her potential to support our Innovate efforts. She will be sending over the 15 schools she sponsored to the Innovate18 event. I will work on developing the Innovate pathway for that she can use to promote the initiative in the schools she visits.