Inspiration from Others

Each time I sit down to write, I wonder where my inspiration is going to come from. Sometimes I look at the idea list that I keep on my phone. Other times I just wander around my wiki to find pages that are unwritten or incomplete.

There is always an uncomfortable moment of feeling lost. But each time I seem to be able to find something the sparks a flame of inspiration. And off I go.

Today was a little different. Last Thursday, when I was talking to Luke, he mentioned that he had written a page to poke me. He wanted to learn more about Agile Training, a page I had referenced but had not yet written. Commissioned, I went off the next day to write it.

In the process, I also looked at the other pages he had recently written - realizing that I hadn't done that for a while.

If he is writing, I wondered, what might Jamie and others in our experimental Learning Pods recently written? So, this morning, I first started exploring these pages.

Last week, Jamie had written two pages which sparked stories that I realized I wanted to capture and share.

One story was about the courage that Jamie showed as a leader to walk through failure: The Courage of the Moment. The other was a story from Willamina about a new experimental practice of community building that Dave and I are doing: Walking the Walkabout

We are still learning how best to share our stories between ourselves. But the fact that we now beginning to share, feels like a significant step in this experiment, that is part of the Innovator's Pilot.