Innovate Oregon

We launched Innovate Oregon in 2014 as the north star to align shared passions for a transformation vision, that of creating an inclusive, innovation economy in Oregon - one that could become a global model.

After starting our initiative in Portland, we began to focus on a school district in rural Oregon, Dayton. There we began The Dayton Experiment.

Here is a video from our launch event:

YOUTUBE be6GxyvPufc Innovation Summit 2015

Our primary focus has been on the keystone of workforce development, our K-12 education system. This challenge requires us to re-imagine the learning experience.

While economic development is the ultimate goal, we recognized that we needed to think much more deeply about the fundamental drivers of this economic development.

Economic development requires an empowered workforce. For that, there needs to be an workforce development strategy.

A workforce development strategy needs to tap the talent resources of an entire community. For that you need a community development strategy.

To participate in this new innovation economy requires you to have world-class connectivity to the internet. For that you need an infrastructure development strategy.

Here is a video that introduces Innovate Oregon:

YOUTUBE FGQUzW3Se5k Innovate Oregon introduction

Learn a little more about Innovate Dayton , Innovate Newberg and Innovate Willamina three of the communities that we are working with.