In Search of a Paradigm

In Ken Robinson's presentations, he talks about the need for a new paradigm in education.

To develop a new paradigm, one must understand the existing paradigm. Deeply.

That is, because the existing paradigm of education was not developed in isolation from the larger societal and economic context, but rather is reflective of them.

At the core of the context, the idealogical kernel, as it were, is an understanding of the nature of value creation. It is a shift in this core model that underpins the transformation from the agricultural age to the industrial age.

To develop a new paradigm in education, therefore, one must define that paradigm within the context of new models of value creation of this new innovation age. These new models were profoundly shaped by the Agile and Open Source movements - two movements that radically challenged the nature of value creation as originally defined by economists such as Adam Smith and David Ricardo.