Identity Crisis

The Agile Movement, some 18 years after its founding, is struggling with an identity crisis. I guess that should not come as surprise, as most 18 year olds have a similar struggle.

Is Agile, Scrum? Can Scrum Scale?

Yes, Scrum practices dominate Agile development environments, but is Agile more than the practices of Scrum? Understanding what this "more" is, is essential. If not, there is a hollowness in the experience that breeds resentment.

>On the surface, the world of agile software development is bright, since it is now mainstream. But the reality is troubling, because much of what is done is faux-agile, disregarding agile's values and principles. The three main challenges we should focus on are: fighting the Agile Industrial Complex and its habit of imposing process upon teams, raising the importance of technical excellence, and organizing our teams around products (rather than projects). Despite the problems, the community's great strength is its ability to learn and adapt, tackling problems that we original manifesto authors didn't imagine. _ - Martin Fowler_ > source

It will take courage to walk into this challenge - for it is a fight for the heart and soul of Agile.