Alan Kay drew inspiration from his ramblings through his personal ideaspace.

The term, ideaspace, was coined by Carver Meade . Kay was said to have drawn his inspiration while leading his team at PARC from his ramblings through his personal ideaspace.

>In this conceptual world, all things are possible. If all things are possible, what might new, radical solutions look like? How might the known be re-imagined?

It is that realm of imagination shaped by "what if" questions.

As personal ideaspaces become intertwined with collective ideaspaces, they become inspired by creative collisions that happen on Disruptive Orthogonal Planes.

One thought experiment begins to bounce off of others as if in an Ecotone, creating tension. These tensions become resolved in a Dialectical Synthesis that leads to a new, more comprehensive insight, a new Schema of understanding that lights a path forward.

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