Ideas Worth Exploring

A funny thing happens when you start to write down you ideas in your Learning Journal. The ideas start flowing.

Little ideas, while you are walking or taking a shower. Thoughts that feel worth exploring and worth sharing with others.

Capture them when they come up. I just have a list that I keep on my phone. Sometimes I write them, other times I dictate them. But regardless, I try to capture them when they happen.

Because, almost invariable, that little idea worth exploring and sharing is often lost as my mind goes down another thought path.

But by capturing them, you can take a few minutes at the end of the day to write a paragraph or two about that idea. By doing so, you can then see how that idea might be related to another idea that you have had.

Or, it might spur another idea that you would like to explore and share.

The key here, is that these ideas are generated when our mind is in a reflective state, a critical part of the Learning Journey.