Guiding Diagrams

We've equipped wiki with a means to draw pictures of work in progress that can guide this work to completion.

Guiding Emergent Structure with Diagrams April 11-13, 2019 • University of Oregon Portland What is Technology? post

# Showcase

Michael Mehaffy's Growing Regions is a refresh of a classic pattern language meant to relaunch a movement.

Tree Bressen's Categories organizing a pattern language for groups printed on a deck of playing cards.

Thompson Morrison's Dayton Experiment emergent pattern language based on five years reinventing education.

# Background

El Dorado used diagrams to facilitate browsing an enterprise scale graph database.

More About Algorithmic Markup describes the language we designed for drawing knowledge embedded in wiki.

Diagram Induced Refactoring where we proved that dynamic diagrams can guide creative work.

Also cave wiki and apl on localhost.