Genius Hour v2

Deeper Learning challenges students to develop interconnections of their knowledge sets. That is, how Math might be connected to Language Arts and Music, and how those connection facilitates the solving of problems.

The focus, then, of v2 is going to be helping students understand learning connections.

Da Vinci quote

The class will continue to work in two-week sprints, but this time, each team will have to develop a presentation based on the connection between a "base" topic and a "scrambler" topic. All of the students will have the same base topic, but each team will have a different scrambler topic.

The base and scrambler topics are all chosen from a common set of sprint topics. There are 30 topics in the original set, but it is expected that these will be expanded on. They include an assortment academic subject areas, skills, and activities.

She is empowering here student through Rabbit Hole Research.

They are using the In & Out Demo presentation model at the end of each sprint, their Learning Cycles.

_The premise that the Dayton teachers are working with is that if students better understand the interconnections of their learning, they will have a stronger sense of the relevance of their core subject areas. Increasing relevance, particularly when the learning is applied to real-world problems, will increase engagement, the Deeper Driver of graduation rates._ _Through this approach, Dayton is seeking to inspire creative polymaths - the DeVincis of tomorrow._