Garden Map

This Hyperbook is slowly being built. Unlike a traditional book which has a single scripted path for the reader to follow, a hyperbook is design to encourage exploration, based on the Curiosity of the reader. In this process, meaning is co-created with the author and the reader.

But it is easy to become lost in this journey as the wiki becomes larger and more complex. To help the reading process, we are developing a high-level map that shows how concepts relate to each other and allows a reader to jump in at any point and begin a path of discovery. This map helps to illumunate a Meta-Meaning.

Here is an image of the map. Yellow blocks represent "anchor pages" that hold concepts that are referred to by several other pages. Blue blocks represent concepts that branch off of the anchor pages. Green blocks represent pages that recently have been created - new concepts that are being introduced.

This map represents about a quarter of all of the pages in the wiki - but identifies helpful entry points.

Click Here to use the map to help guide your journey

The concept of hypertext , that guides a journey through this wiki and has been fundamental to shaping how we use the web itself, was inspired by a short story by Jorge Borges, The Garden of Forking Paths

Ward is currently testing a clickable version of this map here: Testing Graphviz Plugin