From Red to Teal

I shared a sketch image with Jami yesterday of the different types of organizations that Loloux outlines. It simply graphed them on two coordinates, engagement and trust.

Teal Model

As good images do, it immediately told a story, her story.

She is in the middle of The Reckoning where her boss, the superintendent, has determined that she is not the leader he wants to run the the school.

The failure to embrace what she was doing and its impact on the teachers and students is leading a community uprising that will likely overturn the school board come June.

How could this happen? Well this drawing explained it.

We have two distinct management paradigms that are in deep conflict. The school board and the superintendent are working within one model - that of a structured authority of what could be called a red/amber organization.

Jami and her team have, for years, worked in a green model - operating as a committed family. They are now quickly evolving into an agile-based teal organization - self managed and dynamically organic - as they seek to re-imagine education.

Two paradigms. Irreconcilable. Only one can be chosen. And the community must decide.

>You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. > _Buckminster Fuller_