Finding Meaning in the Rabbit Hole

We are called to be Meaning Makers. But we have to learn how to do it.

In Jenny's Genius Hour class she is piloting with two students the use of wikis to help her students in their Rabbit Hole Research.

I met yesterday with Jenny and Jaden, one of the students.

I shared with Jaden the approach to writing in a wiki. That each page should be an idea, a concept that they discovered in their research. This page needs to have a clear title that helps them to remember that idea later.

We then talked about how to begin to see connections between the ideas, and then to use hyperlinks in the pages to tie those pages together.

I shared with them how they can then use the wiki to Visualize the Connections, to better understand the pattern that is made by them.

Their next task, that of the "Storyteller" is then to find a way to find a creative way to share that understanding with their classmates. That is the creation that they use to share their story during the In & Out Demo.

Here is an example of how ideas of this page all are linked together to other ideas:

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