Change often begins with one person. Someone who has a passionate commitment and the courage to step into the unknown. Once someone has the courage to stand up and start the journey others will join. The Evangelist is able to identify Innovators. They begin to form a cohort that then gathers additional followers until there is a tipping point, where a new paradigm becomes the dominate one. This process is organic and will be different in every school. But it can happen far faster than anyone would expect.

It is important to just start by doing. This intention is know as a Bias to Action.

It is important to find Guide and Mentors for this journey. The Guide helps guide the path of discover and transformation for a school. Mentors are people that can partner with Innovators to apply new practices of Agile Learning to inspire a learning experience empowered by Curiosity.

You can think of this as a personal and organizational journey as a Hero's Journey.

Often, an evangelists starts by Learning from Others and then Sharing with Others. They are the ones who have the courage to ask the "What if" question, the one who dares to think we can re-imagine the possible.

Be walking into these questions with courage, the encourage others to join the conversation creating an opportunity for a First Follower.