Eureka Moments

Eureka Moments are those moments when our consciousness, or Schema, gets rewired. We also can call them Aha! Moments

Eureka: >a cry of joy or satisfaction when one finds or discovers something.

We understand the world by making patterns of meaning. These patterns link our memories and experiences together in a way that enables us to explain our current perceptions.

Sometimes the patterns by which we understand the world don't explain the world. These are times of conflict and confusion.

We try to gather more information and to Think Outside the Box to try to understand. But as long as we are stuck with our existing model of understanding, we are in the dark.

But then, often in an unplanned inspired moment, there is a radical re-alignment of our understanding, a rewiring of our pattern of meaning that illuminates a new understanding. We call repatterning a Dialectical Synthesis

In that moment, carried on a surge of dopamines, there is a rush of joy through our body - a Eureka Moment. This moment forever changes how we understand an important part of our world.

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