Education Reimagined

When Jami and I embarked on this journey together, some four years ago, we did so with an Audacious Aspiration to reimagine education.

Might we be able to do that in a traditional public school, recognizing that the reimagine education would require a radical transformation of its culture.

It happened.

Now we have to understand how best to share the story. How do you distill this learning down to stories, stories that will help share the deep understanding that has come from this journey so far.

Which leaves me to ask, what is education reimagined? I think Jami hit on it today. And it boils down to three key parts. For education to manifest its true potential, it must provide for all students and teachers the opportunity:

* To belong * To create * To find joy

It will be in this place that each can find: * Their truth * Their voice * Their path

That would be education reimagined.