Design Thinking and the Whole Mind

I got to thinking the other day if one of the powers of Design Thinking is that it engages the Whole Mind.

These networks never work in isolation but become more powerful the more integrated they are.

Let's start with the core elements of the Design Thinking process: 1. Empathy 2. Define 3. Ideation 4. Prototyping 5. Test

Empathy uses our feelings to understand a need. We then use our emotional intelligence and logic to articulate the need. (Default & Executive Networks?)

Ideation is filled with jostling "what if" questions that continually bounce off of each other until they synthesize down to a concept. (Salience & Default Networks?)

Prototyping requires a lot of logic as well hacking (Executive & Salience Networks?)

Testing involves logical analysis as well as empathetic perception (Executive Control & Default Network?)