Creating an Ideaspace

Alan Kay drew inspiration from his ramblings through his personal Ideaspace, a term coined by Carver Mead

In this conceptual world, all things are possible. If all things are possible, what might new, radical solutions look like? How might the known be re-imagined?

It was from this conceptual realm of ultimate possibility that he re-imagined the computer as a tool that could empower human creativity.

I thought about Ideaspace today as I was meeting with Luke. Luke is beginning to understand the power of the fed wiki as a learning tool to share meaningful stories of discovery. As we explored his pages, and then jumped over to stories shared by Jamie, I began to sense a profound potential of this new platform.

These shared stories of discovery were creating meta patterns of learning for us. Learning patterns that seemed to be forming a nascent virtual Collective Ideaspace One.

A Collective Ideaspace that melds Learning Journals and Hyperbooks.

Still to early to tell, but I suspect that there is something here...