Creating a Joyful Sandbox

In our first Innovate meetup last night, Ward Cunningham shared his experiences of the early days of Agile. In particular, we talked about the importance of putting names on experiences - experiences that begin to create a shared language, a pattern language that can help guide the creative journey of others.

We talked about "agency". We talked about "joy". And we talked about "sandboxes". Jami put all of that together and we started talking about Joyful Sandboxes.

Agency: the experience when a student becomes a committed learner, driven by their curiosity and a passionate desire to understand something that is meaningful to them.

Joy: the experience of learning as fun and life-giving.

Sandbox: the experience of playful experimentation.

What does deep, authentic learning look like in a classroom? How do you know that students are gaining agency?

What might happen if classrooms becomes Joyful Sandboxes? Or an entire school?

What might happen if this aspiration is applied to businesses? Where whole departments become Joyful Sandboxes? Or even the whole company?