Our spiritual, emotional, and intellectual well being depends on the world making sense to us. That is, the pattern of meaning that we have internalized that provides a confidence of predicability. That pattern of meaning that is called our Schema.

When that schema is disrupted, a profound chaos is threatened that can lead us into our deepest fears.

When we walk a path of deep learning, we are challenged to walk outside our existing schema. By so doing, we fear losing control.

For a teacher who has taught using a traditional education model for 20 years, this fear is real. For a manager who has run an organization according to a hierarchical command and control model, that fear is real.

We need to name the fear. Then have courage to walk into it.

>“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” - Joseph Campbell

But this journey cannot be undertaken unless we trust our leadership and team members. A trust that everyone is authentically living Agile Values.

Use of Courage in English Literature

_It is interesting to note, that the use of world "courage" declined through the industrial age. But now, as we enter the innovation age defined by a creative economy, the word is now increasingly being used. _