Core Values

When embarking on an Audacious Aspiration, I have always found it very powerful when a team articulates its values.

We did this the other night in Dallas, with the launch of Innovate Dallas (though more work needs to be done here). We did it when we launched the Agile Partnership Program in with New Relic and Dayton.

Values are our non-negotiables of life. They are the bedrock in which we build our families. They guide us through the most difficult times of our lives.

When we find that we share values, we our bound inextricably together. From these bonds, we build the trust that gives us courage to venture into the unknown.

I have found it powerful for individuals and groups to find the three values that really matter. Articulating them can be challenging, but once they are defined, the can be easily recalled.

These three values are a form of a Prime Pattern. A three legged stool. Energy flows through this dynamic tension.

Find them. Celebrate them. Depend on them.

Core values are at the center of Value Networks