Concept of a Learning Wiki

In Ward's original wiki each page could be co-authored by a community, be that a private community or a public community.

The idea that a community could use the web to create content together was profoundly radical.

This shared editing allowed multiple people to contribute and revise, allowing content to be developed that began to represent a shared understanding. A truth, as it were.

In this way, these pages encouraged "convergent thinking".

The problem is, that in this process, our personal voice and the meaning of our personal stories, is lost to the communal whole.

These personal stories are important, because the reflect our individual journeys of learning to find meaning. Meaning that happens when we develop and link ideas and concepts together that were derived from our personal experiences.

So, as Ward created a new wiki environment, he gave each person their own platform to be used to quickly develop and link ideas together. By so doing, each individual has an opportunity to reflect, write and share these Objects of Meaning with others.

In a sense, then, the new wiki provides insight into each our webs of meaning-making, our patterns. As such, it provides encourages "divergent thinking" - glimpse into each other that enriches each of our own journeys of learning and meaning-making.

We all have a story to tell, and this story is worthy of being heard by others.